Pheromone Cologne for Men

pheromones for menThere is no question that men have gradually become more fashion-conscious this decade and for good reason. Terms to describe this new type of male, many of whom are urban, were created, such as the word metrosexual  – a word (one that grates some us!) most of us have probably heard by now unless you’ve been living in the mountains or a desert somewhere with no electricity. There is no shame in caring about your appearance, provided you don’t care about it obsessively. In which case, you may give off a vibe of vanity and self-conceit. But there’s more: some men have been wearing cologne for awhile, albeit perhaps not to the same degree or in as many numbers as women. Yet, a new wave of men has joined the existing group of cologne-wearers, and they’re wearing a particular kind of cologne. It’s pheromone cologne for men.

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Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

Self-confidence is a feeling that you can actually see: you can look into the eyes of a successful person and see the strong inner-conviction they possess, a strong belief in themselves that they can remove or overcome any stressful object life puts in front of them. You also see it in those who feel sexy and attractive, especially if they really are from an objective view. People naturally gravitate to those who exude self-confidence and attractiveness. But did you know people also gravitate to a little-known chemical that all of us have? That chemical is known as pheromones.

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Nexus Pheromones

nexus pheromonesWhat are nexus pheromones? This is scientifically described as a pure concentration of androstenone pheromone. This concentrate plays a role of increasing your sexuality as a male, enough to attract women effectively. The concentrate increases your attraction potential. This helps you communicate with women almost telepathically. The message conveyed through the nexus pheromones is that you are sexually available.

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Androstenone Pheromones

What are androstenone pheromones and how do they help men in attracting women? Men have many options available that they can avail themselves of to enhance their attractiveness and overall sex appeal. Some men may cringe at the very thought of caring about style or maintenance, but in today’s sophisticated dating scene, it’s almost necessary – at least for first impressions. Countless books and advice exist out there which seduction and pick-up artists peddle whereby they promise to teach men the art of approaching women. There wouldn’t be such a supply of products if such a market didn’t exist. The truth is, most men cannot just walk down the street and say “hi, you’re beautiful” to a woman and think this is enough to get her attention or number. It requires more than that; actually, a lot more! That’s why there are books and guru out that teach men “how to approach a woman.” But you can non-verbally attract a woman, too? Yes, it’s by way of pheromones. And you actually produce them. That’s what androstenone pheromones are.  Let’s briefly examine pheromones below.

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Does Pheromone Advantage Work?

In today’s society, beauty is perceived not only as a means to gain favor, but also as a status symbol. If you wish to be famous, respected, and wealthy, then you should be beautiful. There are many ways to gain beauty, but physical attractiveness is the most easily noticed, and most often appreciated. That’s why despite the economic recession, the beauty industry is booming. With new products being produced every day, the beauty industry has sought more ways of increasing its marketability. With the advent of scientific research on pheromones, the beauty industry asked the enigmatic question to the scientific community: “does pheromone advantage work?”

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Pheromones to Attract Women

Are you looking for different ways to attract women? Well, there are several possibilities worth exploring. The first option would be to develop your “game.” This means learning the art of how to approach a woman, connect with her, and build enough interest to the point where she wants to see you again or date. That’s one way of attracting women. Another would be personal development. You could interpret this any number of ways, such as upgrading your wardrobe and improving your personal appearance.  Or, instead of cutting your own hair, you could get a stylish haircut at the barber. If you’re also in the habit of hanging out with the guys, why not do other things such as joining a dance class or taking up yoga? The possibilities are manifold, and can easily make you more interesting. By becoming more interesting, you only increase your attractiveness to women. But there is another idea to attract women that is gaining popularity: pheromones. Herein, we will take a look at pheromones to attract women.

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Pheromones for Men: Do They Work?

If you live in a modern Western country, you will find it difficult to escape the grip of hype-consumerism where ideal standards of beauty and attraction kick our self-esteem to the ground only to pick it back up in the form of products that promise to cure our every flaw and restore us from our misery. It’s no secret knowledge that the effects of such consumerism contribute to an ever increasing narcissistic society. Yet it would also be naive to assume that all products that offer solutions are nothing more than marketing gimmicks. Truthfully, some work and some don’t. One such example is pheromones for men. Its appeal is natural, but you may find yourself scratching your head as to the efficacy of products which contain them. In this article, we’ll examine pheromones for men.

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